Configuring Environment Variable in IntelliJ

To set the TOTALCROSS3_HOME (environment variable that points to the Totalcross SDK) in Eclipse is pretty simple, as you can see below:

Step 1: Run Settings

  1. With your Maven project open, you will click on the "Run" option on the top bar of IntelliJ

  2. Under Download, click "Edit Configurations"

  3. Click "Templates" and then "Maven"

Step 2: Maven Configuration

  1. Click the "Runner" tab

  2. Uncheck "Use project settings"

  3. In the "Environment Variables" option you click on the folder icon

  4. Click the "+" symbol to the right of the window.

  5. In the Name field you fill in with "TOTALCROSS3_HOME" and in the Value field you fill in the path to a folder containing the TotalCross SDK, then click "OK" and then "Apply."

But it is worth mentioning, if the other steps to implement the files have already been completed (such as a configuration of pom.xml, sdk being installed and etc) you will not be able to get the deploy.

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