Using Development certificate to test your apps

In order to test your application file you must resign your application using a Development Certificate and a mobileprovision file for development. To do so, create a Development Certificate in the same way you have created your Distribution one (Creating certificate) and a Development mobileprovision (Provisioning file).

Adding devices to your mobileprovision

Applications resigned for development only works on devices registred in the Apple Developer website and in your mobileprovision.

First of all, resgistering your device in the Apple Developer website requires you to know your apple device UDID. To retrieve it, follow the steps bellow:

1- Connect your device through a USB port to a computer running macOS or Windows.

2- Open the iTunes application. You're going to see a smartphone icon on the top left side of the application. Click on it!

3- You're going to see information about your device. Click on Serial Number and you will be able to see your UDID.

4- Right click on the UDID value and copy it!

Then, go to Apple Developer website > Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles > Devices and add your new device pasting the UDID you've just copied.

Back to the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click on Profiles. Then, click on the Development Provioning file you've created to test your application and Edit it.

You're going to see a list of already registred devices. Check the ones you want to use for testing your application, then click on save button and download the new version of your Development mobile provision.

Now, you're ready for testing your TotalCross applications using your development certificate.

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