Configuring Environment Variable in Eclipse

To set the TOTALCROSS3_HOME (environment variable that points to the Totalcross SDK) in Eclipse is pretty simple, as you can see below:

Step 1: Run Settings

There are two ways to get to the "Run Configurations" option in Eclipse:

  • First, just right-click on your project and go to "run as" and then click "Run Configurations";

  • The second way is to click on the green symbol with the white button inside the top bar of the eclipse and then click on "Run Configurations".

Step 2: Maven Build

  1. Now just go into Maven Build and double-click to open a new configuration;

  2. Click the "Environment" tab and click the "New" button;

  3. In the name write "TOTALCROSS_HOME" and in values ​​put the path to the TotalCross SDK on your machine and then click "OK" and then "Apply.". Look at an image below:

But it is worth mentioning, if the other steps to implement the files have already been completed (such as a configuration of pom.xml, sdk being installed and etc) you will not be able to get the deploy.

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