Debugging WinCE on VS 2008

Working with WinCE development can be very frustrating, given the devices are mostly slow. This guide will help you debug on WinCE using Visual Studio 2008 to speed up your development proccess.


This guide will show you how to debug using an emulator on Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, it will not only help you see your application running on the device faster, but also help finding and identifying a bug, which should better your experience while using this.


Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition

Debug in 7 steps

Step 1: package your application to get the .exe and .tcz of your application:

Files you will need.

Step 2: build your SDK, this can be done by going to your TotalCrossSDK folder on a prompt and running gradlew dist (this step is only needed if you haven't done it before)

Building your sdk to use on the debug.

Step 3: open the TCVM solution with Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, the TCVM.sln file is located at TotalCrossVM/builders/vc2008:

How to open the TCVM.sln file.

Step 4: set TCVM as the StartUp Project:

Changing the StartUp Project

Step 5: change the emulator to USA Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC T2 Emulator and the solution platform to Pocket PC 2003(ARMV4):

Changing the emulator and solution platform.

Step 6: set your application for deployment:YourApp.tcz|path\to\you\app\tcz|\TotalCross|0 YourApp.exe|path\to\you\app\exe|\TotalCross|0change the path accordingly to your application wince folder(if you didn't change anything it should be on target/install/wince on your app folder).

Step 7: run the debug:

Running the debug!

You can now debug applications for WinCE in Visual Studio 2008!