As we you know each developer has his/her favorite IDE we provide a CLI Tool that can be used with any Java IDE i.e., IntelIJ, Eclipse, Netbeans and VS Code as well. He creates projects, packages, deploys. In addition to making your registration and login simply and easily.

This is the alpha version. It is still in the testing phase and will be launched on 02/24/2020


Run npm install --global totalcross-npm-cli you will need NodeJS installed!

This is also useful for updating!



To view detail on any command, use: totalcross [options] [command]


  • create create new TotalCross project

  • package runs mvn package

  • deploy deploy your application

  • login login into your TotalCross account

  • registercreate TotalCross account


  • -V, --version output the version number

  • -h, --help output usage information


TotalCross CLI is still under active development and we’d love to hear your feedback through GitLab issues.